Saaf Body is made using millennia-old Levantine practices. Only the highest quality ingredients find their way in our products. Where others add fillers and fluff, we stay true to the formula.

Saaf Body Oils

Face & Body Soap Bars

We use the highest quality fats and oils to create a smooth, creamy lather. Indulge your skin in Saaf soap and feel the difference.

Saaf Soaps

Healthy Skin Starts With Saaf

Face & Body Kese

These exfoliating mitts have been used since the Ottoman times to exfoliate & remove dead skin. Made by meticulously weaving cellulose from poplar and birch trees, these kese (kes-eh), are crafted by artisans with methods passed down from one generation to the next. They will leave your skin feeling renewed & baby smooth.

Saaf Kese
  • Saaf Body is formulated without Palm Oil - an unsustainable oil and cheap filler

  • Saaf Body is made without Sulfates, Phthalates, Parabens, & Dyes

  • Saaf Body is gentle on ALL skin types

  • Saaf Body products are not tested on animals

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